Video of T.I. by himself in the hood checking a male groupie fan begging for pictures

Mar 17 2017

T.I. proves once again he is as real as they come! T.I. was recently in the hood by himself with no security getting gas when a male fan was acting like a kid groupy. In the video you can see T.I. giving the man a picture but the man kept snapping pics so much so that T.I. got frustrated. T.I. asked the man how many damn pics you gonna take. Then it got heated as T.I. told the man he is now invading his personal space and leaning on his car. Check the 3 videos below as you see T.I. is about that life

#Tip Just #Pulledup in da #Hood and you can tell he from the hood! Pt1. @troubleman31#troubleman

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#LetEm #Know #Back da Fyck #Up! #Tip #Troubleman @troubleman31 ♚💯💯💂 pt2.

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This #Man @Troubleman31 took #pics and this #dude talking shit.. #Tip #handled himself well. I got his back!💂💯💯💯💯♚#hoodchronicles

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