Young Cuff – Risky Business

Jan 22 2017

HHO: Introduce yourself to the readers

Young Cuff: Whatsup yall Its your boy Young Cuff. Long Island Representative. RBG Risky Business Group is the team. Check out our clothes at and become part of the Slopp Squad!!

HHO: How did you get your artist name?

Young Cuff: Just an average day of cutting hair at CuffsCutz (my barbershop i own) and at this point in my life only a few of my good friends knew i made music. I was cutting my boy elliot robles hair. You know. Flexing a quick taper. Eyebrows, razor all that good stuff . And i was playing a few slaps i had produced myself. Elliot started rambling off rap names to me like “og casey” “uncle cuff” then he was like “Young Cuff” and it just had this ring to it. So i ran with it! Haha shout out elliot for that one!

HHO: Where are you from?

Young Cuff: Born in Long Island NY grew up in a town called Manorville.

HHO: Who was your musical influences growing up?

Young Cuff: Growing up I would jam to like Lil Wayne. Like the OG Wayne. Love Wiz Khalifa from start to present. All of Pittsburgh at that. Chev and Mac miller. Id labs. Right now I overload on Kevin Gates, French Montana and A Boogie with Da Hoodie. Just about everything. My taste in music is Tasteful. I could go on for days

HHO: What albums did you collect?

Young Cuff: 50cent Get Rich or Die Trying was the first hip hop album to ever bless my ears. That really open the gates to music for me. If u dont got 50 in your top 10 your lost .

HHO: What current projects are you working on

Young Cuff: Right now on datpiff, soundcloud, And youtube you can find my latest and greatest project. “Cuff N SzN” go download that and check it out!!
Coming soon is a project called “Splash” thats a Colab MixTape with myself and my Cousin. Rabz also another artist from Long Island! Also another tape called
“FaceBluntTime” all produced by SidTroy So alot in the works! My team is working extra hard out here!!

HHO: What is your dream collaboration

Young Cuff: My dream colab would hands down be Wiz Khalifa young Wizzle. The man behind Taylor Gang! I just feel like me and that dude could make the best all time smoker anthem. Dream colab with a producer. Just cuz of my style i feell like me and sonny digital could produce numbers!!!! But dr dre would be a blessing! Cant forget about dre

HHO: How has the response from Fans and DJs been?

Young Cuff: The response has been mind blowing. All of my fans are awesome even tho theres only like 600 of you guys right now i love all 600 of them! They keep me motivated and what helps is i got DJs promoting me on websites just because. Shout out Dj Purfiya and Dj Cenzo! The response has been all positive!

HHO: What artist do you listen to now the most

Young Cuff: Basically all of my fellow Long Island artist. Rabz, Johnny Drama , Taz Li , Passport General. But i mean like mainstream ppl or lime just know. Artist. Taylor Gang, BWA, HighBridge the Label, I loved all three of these guys
Chinx Drugs
Bankroll Fresh
Rest in peace .

HHO: Your Plans for 2017

Young Cuff: 2017 I plan on making the XXL freshman class. So vote it up!! But i have a lot planned for this year. Rather not speak about it and just show you results. 2017 I plan out 2018. Always have a plan.

HHO: How can people reach you

Young Cuff: You can find me running up my cell bills on snapchat @casey_24
Twitter @caseycuff_
Instagram @youngcuff_
Youtube @RBTV
Soundcloud – Young Cuff

HHO: Anny last words or shoutouts?

Young Cuff: Shout out my team!! Slopp Squad Putting in all these Owl Hours you dont even Know about. Shout out Matty Swi my manager / business partner. My producer Brian Temme at tempting records making me sound all crispy! Shout out my family rabz for doing what you do best! and follow him at @rabz631 !!!!