MeandJonathan – Scriptures Of My Life

Mar 20 2017

HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans

MeandJonathan: My name is Meandjonathan and I believe my sole purpose in life is to bring freedom to this world. Freedom from persecution, hatred, fear, confusion and freedom from all the things the Devil uses to enslave us. I also believe my music is the key to awakening our true being from the sins in which the devil implants in us. I only speak the truth for what it really is.

HHO: How did your artist name come about?

MeandJonathan: I chose the name Meandjonathan after my revelation of God. Meandjonathan was the name I chose to use in order to remember that God comes first and that God is always with me at all times.

HHO: Where are you from?

MeandJonathan: I am from Houston but I was raised in Missouri city.

HHO: What is the music scene in your hometown like?

MeandJonathan: Very diverse and there is a lot of great talent coming about.

HHO: What are 3 things that you need in the studio when recording?

MeandJonathan: Just the beat and my headphones.

HHO: Who were your musical influences growing up?

MeandJonathan: I would say a lot of people truly had an influence on me but if I had to be specific I would say Sade, Outcast, Lil Wayne and just a true mixture of people.

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HHO: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

MeandJonathan: Get Rich or Die Trying, Grand Hustle, Michael Jacksons Bad Album.

HHO: What is the current single/project that you are promoting?

MeandJonathan: Faith (Never Alone)

HHO: How did the record come about?

MeandJonathan: It was actually the first song I wrote after going through my experience in finding God. I had took an old song called Alone (Let the hell begin) and flipped it into Faith (Never Alone)

Check out MeandJonathan – Faith (Never Alone) [Music Video]

HHO: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

MeandJonathan: No offense but there are way too many great Artist just to choose one.

HHO: What is your writing process like when making music?

MeandJonathan: Usually I go off the natural feeling I get from listening to the vibrations of the instrumental.

Check out MeandJonathan – Scriptures Of My Life (Epistles Of Jonathan) [Album]

HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows?

MeandJonathan: No tour but I have a show at Numbers Nightclub on March 12 and another showcase at 5608 N Shepherd Drive that same night. Both Shows are in Houston, Texas.

HHO: How is the response from your fans & djs been?

MeandJonathan: Once I start speaking I believe you won’t have a choice but to listen to me from start to finish simply because I know my music feeds the spirit. It is something that will have you in amazement, in awe so to speak.

HHO: Do you feel that the internet has been a blessing or a curse for artists? Why?

MeandJonathan: Both simply because it makes us lazy but it also makes things a little easier to achieve.

HHO: What artists do you listen to the most?

MeandJonathan: Trap music/Oldies and a lot of myself because I have a lot of music that I have been holding on to for years that I am just waiting to release. I believe my music is going to change the world.

HHO: What are your plans for 2017? What are you doing that others are not?

MeandJonathan: Something so huge and significant that everyone in the world will be a viewer of it even God.

HHO: How can your fans reach you?

MeandJonathan: Instagram.

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

MeandJonathan: I want to thank HipHopOverload for the opportunity in getting my music heard and also shout out to Flamethrower808 and DjTaz that helped me on my Album called Scriptures of My Life (Epistles of Jonathan)