Rick Ross calls out Meek Mill in new song “Apple of My Eye” said he told him not to trust Nicki Minaj

Mar 16 2017

Damn! It looks like the big homie Rick Ross is Fed up with his young boul/artist Meek Mill and his ways. Rick Ross latest single “Apple of My Eye” he said

Tears running out of a nigga face
In a room full of failures I feel out of place
Still sleeping on the floor when you deserve better
Got you ??ing through the coat even in warm weather
I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki, instead of beefing with your dog you just give him some distance
We all make mistakes, lets not be to specific
You rather be a killer than be statistic

Wow! It seems Ross isnt fucking with Meek anymore which isnt anything new. He definitely sent some shots Meek way. Will Meek respond?


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