Police Release Footage Of Fatal Bankroll Fresh Shooting

Feb 23 2017

Atlanta police have released video from the night that rapper Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed last year. According to local station WSB-TV, Atlanta police say there were half-dozen guns used in the shooting and that it may be a case of self-defense. The investigation is still open, and police are trying to figure out if Bankroll was defending himself in the shooting or if it’s the other way around.

“Whether or not he was defending himself or the other person defending themselves, that is the question. That’s where we are trying to get to the truth,” Atlanta police Maj. Adam Lee said via WSB-TV. In a clip from the footage, which police said won’t be released in full because it’s too graphic, appears to show Bankroll firing an assault rifle during the altercation.

Back in July, Atlanta rapper and the alleged other shooter No Plug talked openly about the incident and claimed that he fired in self-defense. In the same interview, No Plug revealed he had talked to police immediately after the shooting but that he wasn’t arrested or charged.

Bankroll Fresh – Hot Boy (Official Video)

“We just want to get to the truth and sometimes the truth takes time,” Lee said. “We’re looking for anybody we have not identified who may have been there and may know more than what we know at this point, than what we see on the video.” The district attorney is reportedly weighing whether or not to file charges or prosecute anyone in the case. We will continue to update this story when more details become available.

RIP Bankroll Fresh! Streeeeeeeet!


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