Lil Yachty Upset That Fans Weren’t Feeling His Show & Gets Into Argument On Stage With Fan!

Mar 19 2017

Lil Yachty made his way to SXSW this weekend for a show and got into it with one of his fans at his show. The Atlanta rapper found himself in a situation as the crowd showed no hype during his set.

In a video of the event, Lil Yachty seemed a bit nervous about the crowd’s lack of response.

“Damn that shit was so crazy,”

Yachty said.

“That shit sounded like y’all dreaded that shit.”

At that point someone in crowd yelled

“You got no energy, nigga,”

prompting Lil Yachty’s people to throw water at him

That quickly escalated the situation, with the two trading insults with one another as people from Lil Yachty’s entourage doused the man in crowd with several bottles of water.

“Yeah, shut yo’ ass up nigga. Suck my dick, how bout that,”

Yachty yelled as a water throwing battle started to pop off between his entourage and the pissed off patron. This led to a standoff, with the “Minnesota” MC’s entire team looking like they were about to take action. Luckily, cooler heads later prevailed, and Yachty reportedly apologized to those in attendance.

Peep the video below and let us know what you think!


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