Reggae star Frassman having trouble at home? DJ L drops a bomb on Frassman and his sidechick

Feb 10 2017

Prominent Tri-state mix-up radio DJ L…
at it again, spouting his usual juicy titillating stories!! But….this time….it really Nuh Look Good.
According to Him:

Frassman aka ‘Fast Money Boss’ (who is currently promoting his new single ‘Welcome to Jamaica’) is up to no good. Flying to Jamaica every few weeks to allegedly be with his side chick Renée six-thirty while implying that while Frassman is with Renée the DJ he’s entering Frassman’s house at 9:30….WOW!!!!

This is no ordinary side chick, this is Frassman’s WIFE. Things could go SIDE-ways real quick.

Some would say that Frassman has dropped the ball as he was seen on TV in Jamaica… talking about how music comes first in his life, so that clearly means wifey falls somewhere below that.

The real man a yard says : DAT NUH HARD FI DUH… sounds like FMB words coming full-circle.

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