Drake disses Meek Mill & Tory Lanez on “More Life” album

Mar 20 2017

The kid of rap jabs Drake didnt hold any punches on his new album “More Life”. Drake let rivals Meek Mill & Tory Lanez he is still on they case! On “Lose You” Drake said
“Tried to serve me a cheese steak, I gave them back a clean plate,” on “Can’t Have Everything,” Drake continued to eat off of the year and a half old beef by comparing how he perceives their catalogs match up against one another, on the track “Lose You.”

“Man, we wrote the book on calculated thinkin’/ and icy Heineken drinkin’/ and rival neighborhoods linkin’/ and puttin’ your trust in someone with the risk of financially sinkin’,” the OVO boss rhymed, before detailing the contrast when considering the content often found on a Meek track. “All you did was write the book on garbage a** rollies, ego stroking, picture posting/ Claiming that you do it for motivational purposes only/ But you just had to show me/ See I know, cause I study you closely.”

Drake also raps, “How you let the kid fighting ghostwriting rumors turn you to a ghost?” on another track “Free Smoke.”

On “Do Not Disturd” Drake goes at Tory Lanez. On the track Drake Said, “You overnight celebrity you one day star/I swear I told you I’m in this bitch for eternity/I am a reflection of all of your insecurities/Behind closed doors a lot of 6 God worshipping/Done talk now ‘cause there’s other shit that concerning me,” Drake rhymes, possibly referencing Tory Lanez’s given name, Daystar Peterson, and his 2016 release I Told You.


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