Airport Employee who punched Meek Mill speaks out & says he was fired from his job

Mar 16 2017

A group of young men working in the St. Louis airport finally speak out about their altercation with Meek Mill. The man who’s name we still dont have says he seen Meek in the airport”I was like, ‘What up Meek, can I get a pic?'” the man says, “He was like ‘Nah.’ I said my opinion about rappers, I was like, ‘Why you all do us like that and we the fans? Why y’all don’t show us love?’…

Meek Mill and the airport employees involved in the scrap were issued court summonses. The two workers also revealed they were fired from airport. Another thing they did is they admitted to Punching Meek first which in court will now let Meek claim self defense. If you dont know Meek is currenly on probabtion so this is big for him to avoid jail time

#meekmill allegedly charged with assault… via @tmz_tv – STORY – Meek Mill was charged with assault Wednesday at St. Louis International Airport after an airport employee on the hunt for a pic triggered a fight … TMZ has learned. We're told the airport employee wanted a photo with Meek but the rapper wasn't having it … and an altercation ensued. Airport police were called and Meek, along with 2 airport employees, was charged with misdemeanor assault. They were given a summons to appear in court in lieu of arrest. Meek is on probation for a weapons and drug conviction, so this could be a violation. We know this … 5 minutes before we posted this story, Meek was ordering pizza at the airport just before catching a flight. Story developing …

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Footage of #meekmill at the airport

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